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Are you ready to explore this world and join an adventure with millions of players?!

Create your own avatar as you like

What character do you want to be? Human, zombie, unicorn, witch, dragon... There are many possibilities. Combine clothes and accessories with colorful hair, fashion outfits, cool wings, shields, swords and more.

Play mini games and race with friends

How about taking part in a crazy race, delivering pizza, avoiding obstacles to earn coins and more? Have fun with snowballs, birds, obstacles and pets! In PK XD there is always a new game!

Combine pets and evolve

Have you ever thought about combining two pets and owning a unique virtual pet? In PK XD, you have a lot of fun with your pet! And more: the more you take care of your pet, the more it will develop into an amazing animal!

Various professions and vehicles
Be what you want and have different professions: influencer, astronaut, scientist, chef, pilot..! Skate, scooter, car, skate shoe or motorcycle, which one do you want? Here you can get them all! Own awesome vehicles in PK XD!

Create the perfect home

Want to build your dream home? Garage, swimming pool, games room, playground, wallpaper, decorating room, cool sofas and beanbags, fun paintings, dance mats...the house is yours! How will you put together the perfect house?

Special events and updates

Special dates look better in PK XD! Celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Children's Day, birthday party and many more unique events with themed items to play with! The best updates with news!

Come to the coolest gaming community

Build your game with us! We want to hear all of your suggestions to give you the best experience ever.

What's new in PK XD - Explore Universes

New season pass
Hello Kitty Pets Season Pass is here! You and your pet combine the elements in the coolest style in the universe!

News on XD Plus!
Semi-annual subscriptions with exclusive items for each mode! Earn the Supervisor's Armor and an extremely rare Wing, plus monthly gems to buy whatever you want!

To download the game, click here

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