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New in this update

▢ Update to 9.0.2 from Telegram
▢ Infinite reactions, emoji statuses and more
▢ New expandable reaction menu and dozens of new reactions for all users
▢ New format for public links.
▢ Downloads can be prioritized in the Download Manager.
▢ Reducing the number of accounts from unlimited to 20 accounts.
▢ Adaptive icon redesign
▢ Increase upload and download speed
▢ Added setting to hide sticker time.
▢ Automatic translation.

Information about the application

✰ A modified Telegram version with exclusive features, including: ghost mode, showing deleted and modified messages in private and groups, transferring members from one group to another group, automatic translation and much more.
◣ Rated ⇚ 3.5 out of 5 stars.
◣ More than 50 thousand downloads.
◣ Updated ⇚ 09/25/2022
🆚 Full version:
⦿ Non-Arabic options and settings have been localized.
⦿ Ads have been removed.
⦿ Replacing server receipts, including digital IDs, etc., with fake values
⦿ Possibility to use copyrighted bots
⦿ Remove the advertising proxy channel
⦿ Possibility to screenshot and record screen video in secret chat.
⦿ Ability to copy, screenshots and video screen recording in restricted channels.
⦿ Add several beautiful fonts.
⦿ Disable update warning.
🏷 Compatibility with:
۞ Android version ⇚ 4.1 and later.
۞ wizard ⇚ everyone.
❌ If it appears (Application is not installed) delete the installer and install this.
📆 Date ⇦ Friday 4 Rabi` Al-Awwal 1444

To download Ninjagram, click here

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