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Download FIFA 2022 ppsspp game ps5 camera with the latest transfers

Download FIFA 2022 ppsspp game PS5 camera with the latest transfers. Today we will learn how to download FIFA 2022, one of the most famous football games with the highest number of downloads on various platforms, and we will learn how to install the game on a ppsspp emulator. The game appears with the PlayStation 5 camera professionally and with acceptable graphics And the size does not exceed 1 GB. Let's find out how to install FIFA for Android on the ppsspp emulator.

Download FIFA 2022 game ppsspp

To install the game, you will need to download 4 files, two files for the game, and two applications, the first is a ppsspp emulator and the second is a decompressor program. Of course, all the links to the game and applications in paid versions will be at the bottom of the article. You can download them from Mediafire with a direct link, but it is important to follow the article because the installation method is different and easy after Download the files from the bottom of the article. Follow with us in the following paragraphs to learn how to install and run the files on the emulator, and what are the important steps that you must take before playing the FIFA 2022 game on the PSP emulator.

How to play the game FIFA 2022 ppsspp

After downloading the game, you will find two files. I named the files according to the order in extracting the files. The first file is the Iso file. It is a file called (the first file to be extracted). Normally, the files will be in the download folder in the file manager. You will enter the file manager, and on the first folder you will You decompress it by pressing it and then pressing extract, and you will extract it in the same folder as the file manager or downloader, after that you will transfer the second file, the second file is called (psp file).

All you have to do is move the ppsspp file to psp in the file manager. How do you do that? You will click on the ppsspp file and then click on View. The full steps will be from the decompression application. Inside the ppsspp file you will find a folder called (SAVEDATA & TEXTURES FIFA 22 PPSSPP ANDROID BY BENDEZU ( LINK GILA GAME )) Open this file, you will find from it my file. You are required to transfer files to a ppsspp file in the file manager. If the matter is somewhat complicated, follow the steps with the following points.

After that, open the ppsspp emulator, then change the language from Arabic to Latin Spanish by going to the application settings, then system, and then clicking on the language, and then change the language to Latin Spanish so that you do not appear with a black screen while opening the game.

Steps to install FIFA 2022 emulator ppsspp

  1. Unzip the first file anywhere in the phone, but you must save it.
  2. Open the folder called (psp file) and you will see a file named SAVEDATA & TEXTURES FIFA 22 PPSSPP ANDROID BY BENDEZU LINK GILA GAME. Inside this file are two files, move them to the psp folder in the phone's memory.
  3. Open the psp app then tap on app settings then system then language then change the emulator language to latin spanish.
  4. Then go to the location of the iso file in your phone through the psp app and open the game and enjoy.

The first file is an ISO file (from here)
psp file to be moved to psp folder (from here)
Zarchiver application (from here)
Download the PSP application (from here)

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