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How to run Egybest without ads for Android

How to run Egybest without ads for Android Today we will learn how to run the Egybest website on Android without ads, of course I will tell you in a way that makes you enjoy watching without the appearance of many ads as it is known that Egybest puts extensive ads on the site, but with today's method we will By reducing ads by 70%, in this way, ads appear on where EGYBEST earns, and do not be disturbed while watching, only one or two ads will appear, and no ads will appear to you again.

Remove Egybest ads

The way to remove ads is through an add-on that is installed on the browser, but for the computer. Today, I have come up with a way to install add-ons on Android, such as adding an ad blocker or any add-ons that are installed on the computer in general. Therefore, you will be able to install the ad blocker add-on to block ads and a certain add-on that does not. It is detected by sites such as EGY BEST and others, but it is not known that when you turn on an ad blocker that the sites discover.

Today’s method depends on the Kiwi browser. Of course, we published the browser before with the method to install extensions on it, but I will explain to you the method of installation and in order to download the Kiwi application from our hacked application store from here (how to add Chrome extensions to the computer on the phone easily), after downloading the browser You will open the browser, of course, which is distinguished in the application that it works on the Chrome architecture. You will not feel any difference between Chrome, and this browser, but with different features in the Kiwi browser.

This add-on will block ads on all sites marked by it that it is not exposed if you open any tool that the sites discover with difficulty or sites designed very professionally, and it has been tested with EGYBEST before, and it works without any problems, so I shared this explanation with you, I hope you got it Get all the info you've been looking for in a daily app store.

  And here we have come to the end of today’s article “EGBEST without ads”


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