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🏷 [Update WhatsApp base] to

 [Added] Awesome style for the version

[Support] A large number of old devices

✶ [Exclusive] Added the date and time in the hour, minute, and second next to messages and the time of appearance

✶ [Exclusive] A new design for the Holy Quran

✶ [Exclusive] Added an option to send audio in the form of an audio file in a new and professional way

✶ [Exclusive] New, elegant, trouble-free line interface

✶ [Exclusive] New stylish profile design

✶ [Improvement] Improve the version against viruses with a strong percentage Make sure to activate the options from the Virus section

✶ [ADD] Elegant and light design for Olivia plugins

✶ [Add] The ability to change colors in Olivia's additions

✶ [Add] dhikr and hadiths

✶ [Addition] The Noble Qur’an with Surahs

✶ [Added] the Holy Quran parts

✶ [Add] ready-made cases

✶ [Added] feature to convert video to audio

✶ [Added] Snowfall feature

✶ [Add] a new notification format to see your status and connected

✶ [Add] the option to show the personal picture with the notification

✶ [Added] A button has been added to hide the explosive text icon

And a number of very luxurious features

To download the application, click here

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