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Download the latest version of the ADM application

Download the Advanced Download Manager 2022 application, a giant download files from the Internet at a terrible speed, equivalent to 3 times the download speed of the Chrome download manager or any other browser.


Download from the Internet a maximum of three files at a time

Improve download speed with fragmentation (9 parts)

Download files in the background and resume after pause

Intercepting links from the browser and clipboard

Download progress icon in notification panel

Transparent progress bar at the top of all windows

Notification of completion is by sound and vibration

Backup list of downloads and settings on the SD card

Save different file extensions in different folders

Built-in browser for websites with registration

Intercept MP4 video files from the browser

The property of customizing the interface and themes (themes)

Timely download planning

Widgets on the home page

Create profiles for websites

And many more…

Download Advanced Download Manager 2022

Add links from the browser:

Click on the link, and from the “Complete the work with” window, choose the ADM editor

Long press on the link to display the context menu and then click on “Share” or “Send” from the “Share through ADM Editor” window.

Copy the link from the clipboard after the program intercepts it and then send it to the ADM editor

Download Advanced Download Manager 2022 for Android


  • Click on download to start/end the process
  • Click on completed downloads to open the file
  • Long press on download to display context menu

To download the application, click here

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