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You can now download MT manager APK with a size of 12MB. You are now in front of the file management application on the smartphone. That is, you can move any file from one place to another inside the smartphone. You can also decompress and read the compressed files, similar to the ZarShiffer application. Here, there are the advantages of modifying files and modifying software files and applications as well as Android system files.

Why do you download some APK files and fail to find their source on your phone easily? Here you need to arrange and organize the files inside the phone. Now here is a good solution with mt manager app. The MT Manager app organizes and manages files, meaning you can move files and place them anywhere else inside the phone. In addition to modifying the APK files.

An overview of the MT Manager app

With MT Manager, you will be able to organize and manage files of all shapes, types and extensions on your Android smartphone or tablet. It moves the file to the place you want to find it easily later. You can also remove the file and modify its software, and that happens with APK files. It is possible to set the color of the program you want to the color you want, and you can also translate the content of the application or game. If the content of the software you download from any source is in Chinese for example, you can translate the content into English to make it easier to work with and understand what it does.

Features of MT Manager

  • You can modify some games so that they appear in portrait mode instead of the programmed landscape.
  • The ability to transfer files to and from another device via FTP software.
  • Show the javascript code of the application. And then you can modify it if you are familiar with the world of coding and writing code sentences.
  • You can search for XML files that enable you to edit texts in applications and games and make them into separate files.
  • Configure APK files, make backup copies of them, and perform software modification on them.
  • Remove or add region restrictions or permissions when downloading and installing certain games and software. Which is somewhat similar to what VPN programs do.
  • Support a set of dictionaries for translating the content of applications, games and system files.
  • Editing within applications on the Android system via the DEX editor.

Download MT Manager, click here

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