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Download a modified isharing app from Mediafire

Download a modified isharing application from Mediafire Often we need to know where our children or a family member is located on the map and now we will learn about the best program to monitor children and know where they are now with some other powers if allowed by the other party, and we will learn about All the features of the iSharing application first and notice this application is directed to parents and your use of it in any wrong way We are not responsible for anything outside the scope of the purpose of publishing an application Let's start with the method of downloading a modified isharing application.

Download the isharing app

The isharing program allows you to communicate with your family and stay safe permanently, as it shares the location of any phone connected to your account. Where it is now, it is not random, or falls under hacking and these things.

The application features a lot, as it determines the location very accurately, most of the applications determine the location through the IP address, and it determines the governorate, and does not specify any place within the governorate, but the isharing application determines the exact location, and sends you alerts when the phone you follow leaves This place, or go to another place, it also contains a very, very important feature. Unfortunately, this matter has spread in the recent period, which is theft of phones. Alert the isharing application contains the feature of obtaining your stolen phone. Through this feature, you can determine the last place where your phone was connected to the Internet.

You can also send voice messages from within the application to the first phone, which determines its location for free, as if it were a program and communicate in the event of an emergency, and these matters. The internet is not working on this phone at the moment.

isharing features

  • Children's supervision.
  • Find out where anyone is easily.
  • Receive alerts of the current location.
  • Communication is free.

To download the application, click here

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