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Telegram Plus (ninjagram) 8.9.3

❏ Say goodbye to the official Telegram, here is the best version of Telegram ever, fantastic features and very great .capabilities

Some features of the version

Seeing deleted messages
● See the modified messages
Reading the message without the other party knowing (stealth mode)
Hide phone number
●Translate messages built into the app
●Possibility to log in bot
●Text decoration built into the application
Divide conversations into groups, channels, people, and bots
●Go to a specific date in the conversation
●Ability to change the voice during conversation
●Ability to take a screenshot of any channel, secret chat and temporary messages
●Download content to the device from any channel
●Activate the vpn
●Ability to change font
And many more features to discover

Features after modification

●Remove ads completely
Sponsor's channel has been removed
●Add a telegram icon and logo
●Stop forced update
●Reduce app size
●You can install it next to the official
●Compatibility with all devices

To download a copy, click here

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