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Download Vmake Video Editor Latest Version We often look for an application that edits videos for free for Android and offers features available only in computer applications. Today's application provides more than one feature that is only available in computer editing programs, and we will learn about all the advantages of the Vmake video editor program.

Download Vmake Video Editor

If you already have a video clip, and you want to cut the clip or modify the sound, whether to reduce the volume or increase the volume, it supports an entire section for adjusting the sound with full features. You can also change the sound for a robot, a child, or other sounds that you can discover and try. The Vmake application also contains a lot of Features and effects from which you can make an attractive and high-quality video.

You have the ability to put any quality you want in an application starting from HD to 4k with ease, as the application also supports exporting videos in all the quality currently available on Android phones. It is also available to share videos directly without the need to export them to the phone on any of the social media sources such as YouTube, Facebook and others You can also copy a video or paste a video from anywhere on the Internet and put it on the application and edit it without any problems.

Vmake Video Editor

Vmake application contains a lot of distinct and modern transitions, and transitions are added periodically to the application and also supports video colors so that you can customize colors for the entire video without any problems to improve video quality, lighting and colors. There are also filters that you can use on your video without any problem, ready without any problems. Manual adjustment.

The application also supports converting a video clip to an audio clip or changing the clip’s size with ease. For example, you want the size to be suitable for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Tik Tok. Each of these platforms requires a specific size in order for the video to appear as required. The Vmake application supports all forms of sizes for all viewing platforms You can also customize a manual size in case you want something specific.

Features of Vmake Video Editor

  • Complimentary.
  • It works on all Android phones.
  • Video color adjustment.
  • Adjust video size.
  • Copy and paste videos.

To download the application, click here

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