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How to create a Twitter account without a phone number | How to make a Twitter account without a Twitter phone number in seconds

All you have to do is download the program at the bottom of the blog.

After you download the application, it will open the application and it will open this interface with you.

You will click on copy, after that you will click on watch a video to use the application for free. After that, the email will copy with you, as usual, then you will open the Twitter program.

After that, you will write anything in the name.

After that, you will write the email that you copied and the date, write which language, and then click on the next next button to see that I did not receive the verification code.

The icon on the application will make you look like this.

Enter the code, and after that, you will click on the next one.

After that, you type the password that you want, but that's how I made the email without a phone number and with ease.

To download the application used in the explanation, click here

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