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Disconnect the Internet from applications and save data

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In the recent period, the rate of data consumption has increased very significantly, and many users are complaining about the speed of expiry of the package, despite the limited use of data, so how can you control data consumption, given the data consumption of applications, and continuous updates. With the increasing development of smartphones, and data-hungry apps, it has become difficult to maintain your phone data plan, in addition to increasing battery consumption and increasing phone temperature, so follow us to show you how to manage phone data to save data consumption. In our topic, we will learn how to reduce data consumption and control the package on Android phones.

Features of a firewall application without root

It is an application like a wall that really stands in the way of applications that try to use the Internet

1- Check which apps are running in the background

Social media, news, and weather apps tend to run in the background and update their status, at regular intervals during the day, in order to download updates or notifications.

2- Turn off all background data This application will help you to reduce data consumption very effectively.

3- Works on all strong and weak Android devices

4- Its size is very light, not exceeding 2MB

How to use the app

1 - We download the application from Google Play and it is available in all countries. After downloading the application and entering it, we press a button. If you press this button, the Internet will stop all applications, even system applications
You can activate the “Auto start when the mobile is turned on” option to avoid inadvertently consuming data

2 - When the second step is completed, we will go to the “Waiting” box. We will find a lot of applications that ask you to access the Internet, and here began to reduce Internet consumption.

3 - In the “waiting” box, you will find all the applications that have requested permission to access the Internet to allow them to access the Internet. We press “Allow” or “Prohibit” to block the Internet from them. You can go to the “Applications” field where you will find All phone applications can be allowed or prevented from using the Internet permanently

To download the application, click here

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