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If you are a bot lover and want to explore amazing battles between these characters, War Robots is an action and adventure game where you have to form teams of droids to compete and try to outdo each other in online battles.

One of the things that makes War Robots an interesting game is the huge number of weapons that it has to offer. Here you will not only be able to unlock more than 45 bots, but you will also be able to move around and collect a new attack arsenal that reduces the strength of your opponents. All in all, this game will offer you more than 50 missiles, pistols, and plasma cannons.

The graphics are another thing that is no less interesting than the rest of the elements of this game, as you will be able to explore amazing confrontations in 3D. So all you have to do is tap on the screen and choose the attacks you want to perform and the bots you want to perform those attacks for you. In addition, you can create and strengthen your clan so that it becomes invulnerable to all.

War Robots is a game that promises action in every turn. Create an awesome team of robots, boost their powers, and give them the best weapons. This is the only way to become the leader of the universe.

Roblox Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play War Robots?
You can play War Robots on Android, PC, and iOS. You can download this multiplayer game for Android using Google Play or Uptodown. While you can find it on the My.Games Store or Steam for PC.

How many droids are in War Robots?
There are more than 50 robots in War Robots, and each one of them comes with special abilities and designs, so you can enjoy this game according to your taste.

When was War Robots developed?
War Robots was developed on April 14, 2014, the official release date for iOS. It was released on Android on September 2, 2015.

Can I play War Robots with friends?
To play War Robots with friends, you will have to create a squad by clicking on the shield icon that appears at the top of the screen on the right. You can invite your friends, any other players you met in previous battles, or members of your group.

To download Roblox, click here

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