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Download Tik Tok Gold for Android version 2.20 | Tik Tok Gold

Important note: The version must be downloaded according to the processor type for your phone

What is new in the Tik Tok Gold application, the latest version 2.20?

💠 Based on the latest version of Google Play 25.6.2
💠 Update the official alternative version and next to the official with their assistant application
💠 Added a profile picture upload button
💠 Setting profile picture download path now affects downloading stories
💠 Ads have been permanently removed
💠 Add author tag to the name of the downloaded file
💠 Fixed likes and subscriptions issue
💠 Fixed video rewind issue
💠 Fixed connection issue for some users
💠 Other small fixes and improvements

What's new in TikTok Plugin Plugin 1.50?

💎 Added a new Inter line
💎 Added option to choose the location of downloaded profile pictures
💎 Remove a lot of unnecessary strings, making translation easier
💎 Fixed an issue with the regions of Slovakia and Slovenia

Important note: You must delete the old version assistant application and then install the new version

To download all the tools used in the demonstration, click here

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