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Download WhatsApp Gold V15 latest version 2022 daily update

The WhatsApp Gold update is a mighty and powerful update that includes the strongest features and wonderful additions for all those who are different and those who love excellence.

WhatsApp has been extended to more than 4 months

Version 9.90 (2021/11/21)9.90th version

Important note when updating WhatsApp, do not delete the existing WhatsApp with you and install the update so as not to lose the conversation
Rather, download the updater and install it directly without deleting the previous one
[Update] Base
Add upload image or video when sending it once.
Add View all messages sent by the contact in the group (click on the name).
Add an option to change the color of a connected sign (Additions > Home Screen > Lines).
Fix Archive chat not showing in group.
Fixed a large empty space in hidden chat and archived chat.
Adding a one-time viewing skip / the ability to view photos and videos for an unlimited number ∞.
Add hide the image or video after watching it. You can do this when you select media to send.
Added acceleration of recordings and audio clips.
You can send photos or videos and select the option to hide the photo or video after watching it
As well as solving the problem of delaying sending and receiving messages has been resolved radically.
①➫|Adding to open more than one WhatsApp account easily, such as Telegram.
②➫| Add a quick translation in the conversation.
③➫|Added custom media auto-download for each chat.
④➫ | Add voice change in WhatsApp to change the voice (conversation screen options by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the screen and then changing the voice).
⑤➫| Add an option to hide the privacy terms notification (Additions > Settings > Hide Privacy Message). You can hide it without accepting..
⑥➫|Add copying part of the text by selecting the desired message, then options, then copying part of the text.
⑦➫|Add the advanced search {You can search with a search test for (image, gif, video, document, links, audio clip)} .


Fix / Status stop issue when downloading or copying.
Fix/Send more than 30 photos/videos from gallery.
Fix / Number Zero 0 not showing up in the lock screen on some devices.
Fix / delay in sending and receiving messages.
Fix / raise the duration of the status more than an hour, even in the case of changing themes.
Fix/Cut Status for Android 10.
Fix/Full Firmware Backup Not Working on Android 11+.
Repair/Load Media in Android 11.
Repair / all problems, God willing.

⚫️ The most prominent advantages of the previous update :- ⚫️

①➫|Added the option of self-hide messages.
②➫|Add a group message to groups.
③➫| The feature of forwarding the message to more than 5 people.
④➫|Added new options for downloading cases (copying the text in the image, sharing, etc...).
⑤➫| Add voice change on WhatsApp to change the voice (conversation screen options by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the screen and then changing the voice).
⑥➫|Added☄ Auto Reply feature.
⑦➫|Added an option inside the archived messages to show new archived messages within the archived message list.
⑧➫| Adding the VPN proxy feature for countries where WhatsApp communication is prohibited. You can turn on the VPN and connect with ease.
⑨➫| Added feature of scheduled messages.
Adding the effects feature in WhatsApp, home screen effects and scrolling chats.
Add the feature of choosing the status that you want the other person to know that you have seen.
Adding an exclusive feature to change the status background color, change the status font color, add new status fonts and ready-made styles for the status.
⑩➫|🔅 Add a notification "Online now + last seen on the chat screen"
⑪➫|🔅 Add a notification + a sound alert "Change the profile picture"
🔸Privacy options (Install the last seen - Hide the reading and receiving health - Hide that you saw the case - Prevent message recovery - Prevent case deletion)
🔸 The ability to upload a video in the case for an hour instead of 30 seconds.

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