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Download Telegram Gold Update v2.20 | Telegram Plus 2022

What's new in Telegram Gold version V2.20

🖇 Update Telegram Base to v9.0.2.0.
💠 Add infinite reactions, emoji statuses and more
💠 Added new expandable reaction list and dozens of new reactions for all users
💠 Premium users can interact with thousands of custom emojis, up to 3 per message
💠 Premium users can set an emoji status next to their name, and choose from thousands of emojis
💠 Added a new format for public links:
💠 Downloads can be prioritized in Download Manager
💠 Support for themed app icons on Android 13
💠 Added option to hide premium stickers
💠 Add 'Disable' option to chat list scroll left gesture.
💠 Added option to force layout of small reactions in chat
💠 Add buttons for back and front steps of the audio player
💠 Add custom animated emoji
💠 Include animated emojis in messages and captions.
💠 Premium users unlock over 500 new emojis, including custom packs with unique characters.
💠 All users can view any emoji - and try it in the saved message chat.
💠 Premium: Voice message privacy settings
💠 Added control over who can send audio and video messages with Telegram Premium.
💠 Gift Telegram Premium
💠 Send premium subscription to any user from their profile.
💠 Choose 3, 6 or 12 months - at a discount.
💠 Added option to skip next audio playback
💠 Add option to show bot / channel / group icon before name
💠 Added option to hide/show header buttons while selecting messages
💠 Added option to open avatar instead of settings from profile drawer
💠 Added option to disable premium sticker animation
💠 Added option to disable avatar animations on the home screen
💠 Added option to disable avatar animation in chat screen
💠 Added option to disable avatar animation in profile screen.
💠 Added option to increase the quality of the circular video.
💠 Added an option to hide the new preview menu.
💠 More other fixes.

To download the golden telegram, click here

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