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Download pubg mobile 2.2 update 32 bit

Download PUBG Mobile, the global and Korean version, 32bit. The download link is updated directly together with each update of the game before it is downloaded in the Play Store.

Welcome to our site. Go to the main page for more explanations. Today, we will explain how to download the 32-bit PUBG Mobile game.

How to install the 32-bit version

The first thing to do is wipe the bug that you have and download the bug at the bottom of the blog. After that, you will install the bug that you downloaded. After that, you will open a program zarchiver After that you will cover me Android Then Obb After that, create a new file with the name com.tencent.ig If you are korean, will you name it com.pubg.krmobile.

After how much do you download the obb file to the bottom of the blog and move the file here?

Just that, open it, and it will work with you all the time.

What is PUBG Mobile?

The main gameplay mode begins with 100 players in a warplane flying overhead.
Choose where you jump from the plane.
After that, you have to collect weapons and additions to help you survive.
All 100 players are victims and hunters in the game
  And you have to be the last survivor to win.

Players who want to be entertained in the first place tend to attack and fight more,
  Although this poses more risks, of course,
It means that they gain more experience in combat and become more able to survive to the end and really win with time.

Links to download the 32-bit version of PUBG Korean and international

To download the global apk, click here.

To download an international obb file, click here.

To download the korean apk, click here.

To download the Korean obb file, click here.

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