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WhatsApp launches the ability to create polls

This feature is not limited to group administrators: each group member can create a survey.
When creating a survey, you can add up to 12 options and you can even sort them. After the survey is shared with other group participants, they can choose more than one option while voting. When there is a new vote, the poll is automatically updated to reflect the new result: You can see more detailed information about who voted in the poll results screen by clicking (View votes).

Note that even if you can already create surveys, it is recommended that other participants in the group install the latest update available on the Play Store or else they will not be able to see your survey.

WhatsApp issues screenshot blocking to display photos and videos at once.

In other words, no one can take a screenshot of any image or video you sent with the one-time viewing feature.

To download a copy, click here

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