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The fastest way to achieve 4000 hours | How to get 4000 watch hours | 4000 hours of public viewing

All you need to implement the method is a computer, you will open Google Chrome and create more accounts, not within one window, more than one window or more than one browser, but the most important thing is that you open the hidden browser and the requirement is that you publish more than one video and have content specific to the content that you provide and be It is important in the same field, and after the videos are published, the videos will be played on each browser, but it will be the invisible browser player, as we said, but as we said, the videos must contain content of your own making.

As what is in front of you in the picture, I mean, if your content is games that make a long broadcast and publish it, such as PUBG Mobile or other games, or you are another content, the same idea is the most important thing to have your own content.

In the end, I wish you good luck and continued success.

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