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Download korean pubg mobile new update 2.2

korean pubg download

The game got a free version for smart devices called the PUBG Mobile game and gained a degree of fame similar to the game Fortnite, but it is more correct that the PUBG game is the oldest. The idea of the game is completely similar to the computer version. The game begins with a hundred players in a warplane flying over a large island. The player can choose the place where he jumps from the plane and then he has to collect weapons and other additions on this island to help him survive. All 100 players will be hunters, killers or victims In the game you have to be the last person alive on the island by killing all the warriors.

Glimpse of the game PUBG Mobile

The best battle royale game for mobile The game of choice for over 1 billion players

The epic battle royale masterpiece
Lots of activities available for you to explore
Climb to the top in PUBG MOBILE and shoot. PUBG MOBILE is the original battle royale game on mobile and one of the best mobile shooter games ever.

Intense battles in 10-minute matches
Prepare your firearms, answer the call of battle in PUBG MOBILE, and shoot.

Lots of maps and battles
PUBG MOBILE includes many maps and gameplay mechanics that give you an exciting survival experience. Find your friends and play new modes together! Play the way you want and shoot!

Designed specifically for mobile phones
It includes customizable controls, a training mode, and a voice chat with friends. Experience the smoothest control and the most realistic firearms on your phone.

Play anytime and anywhere
Sit back and play PUBG MOBILE as you wish! Enjoy the smoothest shooting for an unparalleled gaming experience.

A stable network connection is required to play the game
Recommended system requirements for PUBG MOBILE: Android 5.1.1 or later with 2GB RAM. If your device does not meet the requirements, you can try PUBG MOBILE LITE.

PUBG MOBILE includes the most accurate gameplay and elements. PUBG MOBILE can fulfill all your desires. Choose from an infinite number of firearms and test your shooting skill. New items, maps, and modes are constantly being added to the game.
PUBG MOBILE brings the most intense free multiplayer battles to your mobile phone. Join the battle, equip yourself, and play to win. Survive epic 100-player battles in classic mode, payload, fast-paced 4v4 arena battles, and infection mode. Survival is the most important thing. Be the last one standing. Accept missions and shoot!

Download korean pubg apk, click here
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