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City mafia rules. Grand gangster crime simulator

Welcome to the Gangster & Mafia series! Let me introduce you to the story of this gangster game.
I was coming from Western Europe to a big city like Los Angeles. Working on a dishcloth is not for you. The Mafia immediately sees the potential in you. This is how the story begins and the way to the top of the mafia business. They became big gangs.

From small orders like burglary, transporting parcels to killing and eliminating enemies and other mafia bosses.
This is how it works. Steal or be deprived, die or survive.

In this game, we give you an open world 3D city, supercars, beautiful women, amazing weapons and special vehicles like a tank or a helicopter. Decide what is good for you in gangster life. Would you like to settle this quickly and quietly? Or maybe take part in police chases and army tease? Bullying life moments, bullying life decisions.

Features clues:
- It's a free action game
- Third Person Shooter (TPS)
- Many vehicles (trucks, tanks, sports cars and other cars)
- Lots of weapons from auto machine gun, rocket launcher to jet pack and grenades
- Los Angeles to you. 3D open world
- Various missions types: burglary, robbery, murder, etc.

Free download TPS action game:
Gangster & Mafia Grand Auto Crime in LA City

To download the mafia crime gangster game, click here

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