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Download Live or Die: Survival game modified for Android

 Download Live or Die: Survival

It is an RPG that challenges you to control one of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse
Your character will start the game somewhere in the forest. Fortunately for you, you will find a benefactor who will help you from the beginning.

Live or Die: Survival Mod is an adventure game in which you have to try your luck against deadly zombies. Go to the deserted lands where monsters and zombies live. Fight enemies, collect trophies and try to survive.

After downloading Live or Die: Zombie Survival Modified, you will face the consequences of the zombie apocalypse. The good news is that you survived, but the other thing that doesn't make you happy is that almost all people have become zombies. You have to show your courage and bravery. To do this, shoot the monsters that are your enemies, find hidden places that have different equipment and get resources. Read the design and create a refuge for you.

Live or Die: Survival is set in a post-apocalyptic world. All the inhabitants of the planet have turned into zombies as a result of the spread of an unknown viral infection. The protagonist is alone without resources. He must survive in a temporary world full of wild animals and walking death, for which you need to collect different materials to make things. With each new level, the character will be able to craft new types of weapons and equipment, as well as upgrade the shelter, where he can hide from his opponents.

Information about the game

Game name: Live or Die: Survival
Version Number : v0.3.472
Game size: 149MB
Edit Type: Free Craft

Features of the game Live or Die: Survival latest version mod for Android

  • Learn to survive and fight for your survival.
  • Create new weapons, armor and the best equipment.
  • Destroy various monsters and zombies.
  • Build your own shelter to stay safe from zombies.
  • Gather resources to build your bunker and build weapons and armor to survive.
  • Discover and get unique resources from a variety of sites.
  • Perform various missions and earn rewards.

To download Live or Die: Survival, click here

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