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It is considered one of the most powerful antivirus, malware and vulnerabilities protection applications for Android.
It features real-time protection, always updating the database, and protecting your phone all the time.

More information about the app

Application name: Malwarebyte
Application size: 52MB
Version number: v3.10.4.102
Edit Type: Premium

Malwarebytes is one of those seemingly simple programs that recognizes and eliminates viruses, spyware, Trojans (programs that are similar to Trojans because they look good as an antivirus, but include threats to your devices) and other dangerous programs and files. Therefore, it is an effective program, especially when used in parallel with an ordinary antivirus. 
Malwarebytes works by monitoring all the operating system processes of your devices and stopping each process or program that it identifies as dangerous before any damage occurs. The program has two examination methods, the first is superficial and the second is more in-depth and more inspecting. If this method is used, the examination will take longer, but in return it will be more effective. In addition, the program has a memory protection module to avoid any possible use of memory by any of these dangerous programs. As well as to set ban regulations for scanning suspicious programs.

To download the application for free, click here

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