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Explain the Be MYEye application to profit from the Internet in simple ways and download it from the Google Play and Apple Stores

 After the smartphone has become a necessary and important thing in our daily lives, it has also become easy and possible to earn money from the Internet through the applications that are widely spread on it by the mobile phone, especially for beginners. One of the most important ways to profit from the Internet, and then if you are one of those beginners and want to make money from applications, you must know these applications, which as a means of profit require you to do some tasks, including watching videos, inviting friends, or trying some games and playing them.

And you can also answer some daily surveys to be able to get rewards, in addition to trying some programs that rely on simple tasks such as taking pictures or testing products. The application, which has won the admiration of many of its users for its reliability, is the Be MYEye application.

Description of Be MYEye

  • Be MYEye is one of the best free online earning money app.
  • This application is based on its profit on the completion of some simple and specific tasks in the stores that finance the application, and these tasks are summarized in (taking pictures - answering questionnaires - watching some advertisement clips and many other tasks).
  • For completing each task, you will get a financial profit starting from 5 pounds.
  • Some of the major brands sponsoring this app are coca cola, Heinekeng, Nestle and other major brands.
  •  When you download the app and create an account you have to use your phone to find the right task for you and complete it, and through that you will earn some money, it is really amazing.
  • The app is available to everyone on both the App Store and Google play, which means you can download it on iOS or Android.

Where to download the Be MYEye app

The App Store for iPhone is here.
Google play for Android phones from here.

How to use the Be MYEye app

When you download the application, take the registration procedures to be able to access it, in other words, create a new account.
You have four tabs at the bottom of the screen, the first and second tab, which are the most common usage and used by the customer, so they are the two main ones, and the other tabs are one for referring you and the other for settings.

Languages supported by Be MYEye

The application supports many languages, the most important of which are:-

English - French - German - Italian - Portuguese - Spanish - Chinese - Catalan.

Payment methods in the Be MYEye app

You can edit and customize the withdrawal details in the “Edit my profile” section on the main page.

The most important tasks and functions of the application

Through the Be MYEye application, you can earn money by completing some simple tasks, including:-

  • Take some pictures.
  • Answer some questionnaires.
  • Ensure that products, promotions, etc. are present in a particular store.
  • Play the role of a mystery shopper by having a quick chat with a salesperson at one of these stores.

The higher your level, the higher the chances of booking future tasks in the app and thus earning money.

Important alerts

  • You must be at least 18 years old to be ready to take on the missions and earn money in the Be MYEye app.
  • Choose small, simple jobs and tasks, they are enough to help you earn real money directly.

Advantages of the Be MYEye app

The application is legal and the payment methods are safe and secure, as you will receive your salary directly from your bank account or via Paypal.
The application is free and does not require any financial fees.
The application informs you of the latest published tasks and informs you about them as soon as possible until you achieve the desired profit.
The application is available on the App Store and Google Play, where it can be downloaded for all devices and operating systems.
The application supports many languages, which helped its spread in many different countries of the world.
The app allows you to do simple tasks and nearby jobs that are within your location that you will set in the settings section.

Learn more about the Be MYEye app

The application has won the approval of many users around the world, and the number of downloads, which exceeded a million downloads through the App Store and Google Play stores, is the best evidence of the users' confidence in it.
In order for the application to work efficiently, it requires Android 5.1 and newer operating system.
The application has undergone several updates, the last of which was on 10/10/2022.

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